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Everyone's doing it so I'll do it too.

You have your pick! Berry, Spencer, and Ezequiel. None of them are especially cool but they're there if you want them
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Stole this from Vee4Valentine

Basically, drop one of my OC's in a comment and I'll give you the pros and cons of dating them!
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I recently made a new Nintendo Network ID and I am realizing that I don't have any of my buddies' FCs anymore!!My FC is 2767-1418-4264

My FC is 2767-1418-4264. If we're mutuals please feel free to drop your FC here/note me/whatever. Also, if you had my previous FC in your device, feel free to delete that. I won't be playing with that NNID anymore.
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LindsayPanes tagged me ;v;


Star Sign
pointy arthropod

Average hours of sleep
anywhere from 6-9

Lucky number

Last things I googled
'temperature and heart attack relationship'
before anyone worries, i'm writing a paper on this ;v;

Favourite fictional character
Sylvanas Windrunner from WoW. Heart

What are you wearing right now
printed PJ pants and a shirt with the Three Little Pigs as Kaiju fighters

When did you start this account
i'm not thinking about how old I am, no sir/ma'am/mx

Amount of watchers

What do you post
Group stuff, cute girls, and pokemon 

Do you run anymore blogs
I have an art tumblr!

Do you get a lot of comments
Depends, but usually I get a handful! They're all worth reading though. I enjoy replying to them when I find time!

Why did you choose this username
My dad made it for me <v< 


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Genetically modified organisms, for those who haven't heard the acronym before. I'm genuinely curious! Tell me in the comments here.
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copying QueenSol lol

Pokemon Types by solgaIeos

Tell me what type/ typeset you think I would be!

I have a very funny idea that there will be some level of consistency in the answers.
looks at the two types they expect to see the most and laughs
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Dear 2015,

I actually do not regret to tell you that I'm happy we'll no longer be together. You know that New Years is a time to say goodbye to the old you, the trials of your old year, and embrace a coming year. When you came around, I was so sure you would be better than 2014. You would be the year that I finally get my life on track, get things together. Rediscover my love for art, my life, myself. The false sense of security you gave me was enough to convince me you could do no harm. So I made decisions. I came out to my family as transgender. I decided to write a children's book. I attempted to double major in neuro and studio art.

Then May came, and my father had an aortic rupture on an airplane. The brilliant doctor he was, he knew it was serious. He probably knew he was going to die before the stroke even happened. He suffered to the end. The only day of peace he had were the 24 hours in between his kidney failure and his death. At first I blamed God for this. Why would any benevolent deity do such a thing to my family? Perhaps I have enough anger and pride in me to warrant punishment, but to hurt my good mother, and young sister... any god that existed had to be cruel.

But then I stopped blaming God, and I tried to blame you, time, and the abstract notion of your current identity as the year 2015. You didn't give us enough time to be with him. You didn't give me enough time before his death and the start of the semester to be ready for all my difficult classes. You didn't stop for me. And I know that you couldn't have, but for the first time in my life, I felt like I deserved for you to. 

I don't blame you anymore for what happened. I blame many things, but not you. You did not take things from me. Time is linear, and keeps going no matter what. You stop for no one and nothing. But in my mortal foolishness I cannot forgive you for doing that. Going on without me. Allowing the universe to take what I love from me and still leaving me behind. Such is your duty, and I cannot blame you for what happened to my father, or my family. It is not your fault he is gone. But as it is, humans prefer to focus on tangible, discrete things, even if those things are made up. You, time, you are still you. You are still linear, and you don't care that it's 2016. But 2015, as a construct of our society, has been a ballpark covering the worst experiences of my life. 

Things will get better, whether or not you keep moving on without me. But I'm glad you've changed your name. At least now I can pretend that this is a fresh start for me. 

Goodbye, 2015. 
You're never coming back, and I'm glad.

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:new: 100+ deviations deleted, feel kind of better already? Might just be my meds working again or something, maybe it's my common sense screaming at me for posting this journal in the first place. 

Yeahhhh don't worry about me.
I'm kind of a mess lately, it's just how I am for the time being. I'd ignore me honestly
Please don't try to look for my old art anymore... I don't want it there, and I don't want you to see it. 

Most of it will be gone in the next couple of days.
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Hey guys...
so I'm gonna be on a little bit of a hiatus. And I know that I'm historically horrible about sticking to them, but I think I'll have to this time.

My father passed away in July. I have been trying hard to pretend that I'm okay, and that I can just go back to my life the way I wanted to. But this isn't at all what I should have been doing, and frankly my emotional state has only gotten worse. I need some time to grieve properly focus on taking things one day at a time, and remind myself that death is inevitable, and life is beautiful, and there are reasons for life that I have to embrace.

I'll be around a little to do PKMNSkies things, maybe even draw some for the event going on now. But I probably won't be as vocal or as enthusiastic as I usually am... so keep that in mind please. 

Please take care of yourselves.
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:new: I have a PayPal now! I don't know how to use it though... If someone I know and trust who wants to commission me would be willing to help me figure this out, that would be fantastic!
When my paypal commissions go live, I'll be advertising at primarily, since that is where the bulk of my audience sees my art! I'll keep doing point commissions, however~


~ R U L E S ~

:bulletblue: I won't draw mature themes or character designs. This includes gore; extreme, non-cartoonish violence; explicit sexual themes; and pieces related to drugs or alcohol. This is a PG-13 account, and I'd like to keep it as such. 

:bulletblue: Please pay using the Commission Widget! I need the points to transfer out and I can't do that if you send me the points directly. If you pay for a piece by sending me points directly, I will send them back and ask that you pay using the widget.

:bulletblue: I am a full-time student who complains about lab a lot. I only have time for 5 commissions at a time. Whenever I finish one, I will update this journal saying slots are available!

:bulletblue: I am best at drawing character-based pieces; no landscapes or nature studies or anything like that please! If you are unsure about what I feel comfortable accepting payment for, please ask! I don't want to give you poor work if you're paying me.

:bulletblue: Your characters don't have to be Pokemon-related! Original characters as well as characters from games, shows, etc are welcome (But keep in mind that I'm much, much better at drawing Pokemon :'D).

:bulletblue: If you are requesting art of an original character, please provide me references! I don't have time to look for one I think would help me the most. If you have a particular outfit you have in mind, please link me to a reference for that too! I would like to credit any online stores that you reference, so if applicable, please provide me the item page as well~

:bulletpink: If you want to commission me, please comment on this journal or send me a note with the subject 'COMMISSION REQUEST'.

:bulletpink: Once you confirm your intent to commission me, I will show you a very rough sketch based on what we work out. If you have a problem with the sketch, I can redo it at no cost extra. If you approve of the sketch, I will ask for your payment and I will finish the commission. If you decide you don't want to commission me at any point before payment, please just let me know and I'll remove you from the list. No sweat!

:bulletpink: Since I don't really get the Commissions widget. If you want a picture with multiple characters (the max is 4 total), tell me how many you want and I will make an appropriate 'extra character' commission for you (the price will vary depending on the style). This will only account for the points the extra characters cost. You would pay the base and the extra once you approve the sketch, and once I get confirmation that you've paid the total amount, I'll finish your commission.

:bulletpink: If you commission me for a piece, you can use it wherever you want for non-profit purposes, as long as you credit me. Please let me know if you want to use your piece somewhere outside of dA!

~ A V A I L A B L E S L O T S ~


P R I C E S ~

:bulletred: Simple vector 
Any character alone, with no background. Shading will be minimal, but the piece will be in full color.
Headshots will tend to be more detailed

:bulletred: Complex vector 
Any character with a background. Shading will be more complicated, and background simplicity or complexity will vary based on foreground elements.

+200:points: per character

<da:thumb id="575401761"/><da:thumb id="575445162"/>

:bulletred: Simple painting :bulletred:
Full-body characters without backgrounds or with simple backgrounds, torso-up characters with simple backgrounds
+250:points: per character, max 3 

<da:thumb id="527732115"/><da:thumb id="528586312"/> <da:thumb id="495788090"/><da:thumb id="545564042"/>

:bulletred: Complex painting :bulletred:
Larger detailed pictures, with complex backgrounds.
+300:points: per character, max 3

<da:thumb id="511421589"/><da:thumb id="516870307"/><da:thumb id="500758859"/><da:thumb id="560911103"/><da:thumb id="526804135"/>

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I did this one again, bu the questions are new so WHEEE TIME TO DO THIS AGAIN

tagged by Jeiynx

1) You must post these rules.
2) Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
4) Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
5) Not something like "You are tagged if you read that". 
6) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
7) No tag-backs
8) Answer IF you want

10 facts about me!
1. I am hella ace xD
2. I think I might wanna double major in sociology since I don't have the hours to double in art D':
4. Ivysaur is my favorite Pokemon, I actually draw it all the time, everywhere. This is probably not news to a lot of you.
5. I want to write and illustrate children's books! I'm working on a story now.
6. I like creating things. I don't like building things though... 
7. I'm doing a lab about synthetic biology!! It involves transgenic bacteria and a 4 hour lab every week at 8am-noon Thursday mornings *gross sobbing*
8. I'm non-binary! I'm super flexible about pronouns though. Preferred pronouns for people I don't know well are on my dAID (buried under the activity widget gosh what a layout >.>)
9. I do not have sm4sh and it hurts me a little inside
10. Did I mention that I am a nerd

Arrighty, let's answer some questions:

1) lets get cliché. whats your favorite genre of music?
    -Uh?? I honestly like everything except rap and country. I'd say electro-pop and nice acoustic, folksy stuff are my faves based on what my recent listening history's been like.

2) what about books? whats yo fave book genre
    -N-nonfiction need I remind you that I wasn't kidding about being a nerd

3) do you hate questions that involve you answering your "favorite" of something?
    -Not really! I don't like picking, but I don't mind people asking me and expecting an answer.

4) do you like to drink soda? if so, what do you prefer?

    -Orange soda all the way guys

5) what method of communication do you prefer the most? text, video call, snapchat, face-to-face, email, social media, etc?
    -I don't really know... it depends on the person? Email for co-workers/professors, face-to-face with acquaintances, literally anything with good friends. But nO PHONE CALLS. I have a serious phobia of making phone calls... it's not good.

6) if you could dye your hair any color, what color would it be?
    -Red. Or light pink. I don't knowww

7) if there was anything you could change about yourself, what would it be?
    -What's to change? I'm adorable

8) if you could go back OR forward to any time/year/era, what would it be?
Probably not some time in the past. Maybe to the future, so I can give my great-grandkids wisdom and fun facts they can't get from their time? 
"Children. When I was your age it took us a WHOLE DAY to map a human genome. Can you believe it??"

9) tell me ur thoughts on online shopping. indulge me.
    -Cute stuff but very expensive. I found out I'm a men's XXS. Did you know XXS existed? I didn't. I can get cute vests in XXS online. For $90, which I don't have. But if I did, they have it in my size. I love online catalogs. They have the most adorable things and they are all expensive so I don't buy, I just watch and drool and cry bc I'm a poor college student. Actually, that's a lie, my family's pretty well off. But my parents raised me to not spent more that $40 on anything, let alone one vest. Or a dress I'm never going to wear bc let's face it, I can't do dresses anymore.

10) do you like being tagged and answering these quizzes?
    -Actually, yeah xD

Okayy whom shall I bother this time?
:icondizzyrin::iconokami-kiera::iconsolgaieos::iconbirdmir::iconfrightfox::icontamarinfrog::iconvee4valentine::SacredLugia: aaaand I think I'm victimized most of my friends before... I'll leave it at this. Feel free to ignore this though, haha! I do this because I like tagging quizzes and stuff xD


1. If you could be any species of fish, what would it be?

2. If a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it, does it make a sound?

3. What is the scariest natural disaster?

4. What is your magical girl name?

5. Think of a color. Think of a tool. What did you come up with?

6. What's the worst day of the week?

7. Are you allergic to anything? If so, what?

8. How much would you pay maximum for a movie ticket?

9. Is Kay a nerd

10. Which video game character are you most like?

The Mulberry House



Hidden in the depths of Fortree City's famous forest is a large Lum berry tree, riddled with treehouses of all sizes on it's length. In any other circumstance the place would be interesting at best, but this network of treehouses is more than it seems. It's actually a Pokemon Ranch!

Welcome to the Mulberry House! A place for all sorts of natural Pokemon to group and thrive. Resilient ground types, sturdy rock types, and nurturing grass types all may call the Mulberry House their home. Feel free to visit, meet the Pokemon, and make yourself comfy in a ranch dedicated to celebrating the natural world around us!


~The Ranch~

Acres: 30
Pokemon: 20/30
Pokemon Pending Ownership: 1




:bulletred: Closed for Breeding
:bulletyellow: Needs Cooldown
:bulletgreen: Open for Breeding
PKMNation - Pascal Rose by KayVeeDeePascal Rose - Venusaur (fairy fusion) || :bulletyellow:

PKMNation - Jasper Bell by KayVeeDeeJasper Bell - Phantump (shiny) || :bulletgreen:

  PKMNation - Sketch Solomon by KayVeeDeeSketch Solomon - Nincada || :bulletgreen:
PKMNation - Raj Pururavas by KayVeeDeeRaj Pururavas - Baltoy || :bulletred:
PKMNation - Sigmund Evergreen  by KayVeeDeeSigmund Evergreen - Cubchoo (grass fusion) || :bulletred:
PKMNation - Atomic Tangerine by KayVeeDeeAtomic Tangerine - Chikorita (shiny) || :bulletred: 
PKMNation - Pink Persimmon by KayVeeDeePink Persimmon - Ralts (fusion) || :bulletred:


:bulletred: Closed for Breeding
:bulletyellow: Needs Cooldown
:bulletgreen: Open for Breeding
PKMNation - Millicent May by KayVeeDeeMillincent May - Ivysaur || :bulletyellow: 
PKMNation - Laverna Grimm by KayVeeDee Laverna Grimm - Tyrunt || :bulletgreen: 
<da:thumb id="463314531"/>Ginger Tea - Xatu/Nuzleaf || :bulletyellow: 
PKMNation - Tabetha Blank by KayVeeDeeTabetha Blank - Gourgeist/Skiploom (NEEDS UPDATED APP) || :bulletred:
PKMNation - Blake Buzzard by KayVeeDeeBlake Buzzard - Tyrunt/Archen || :bulletgreen:
PKMNation - Sophie Q by KayVeeDeeSophie Q - Aron (bug fusion) || :bulletred:
PKMNation - Penelope Neptune by KayVeeDeePenelope Neptune - Shinx/Mudkup (shiny) || :bulletred:
<da:thumb id="505570807"/>Coco Mori - Rotom (ground fusion) || :bulletred:
PKMNation - Lilith Lotte by KayVeeDeeLilith Lotte - Bulbasaur (rock fusion) || :bulletred:
PKMNation - Delilah Dreadful by KayVeeDeeDelilah Dreadful - Phantump/Drilbur || :bulletred:
Clara Plastt - Solosis (fusion) || :bulletred:


~Pending Pokemon~

-Pokemon needing refs that are in my Inventory, or have been paid for and are awaiting receipts/input into my Inventory.
-If you are interested in breeding with one of them someday, I will prioritize getting their app done and leveling them up. In the case of multiple requests, they will be prioritized in the order they were received.


Pumpkaboo (rock fusion)
Bulbasaur (dark fusion)
Ralts (grass fusion)
Shroomish (fighting-flying fusion)


Solosis (grass fusion)


~Pokemon Wishlist~

* : or anything in it's family
~: May have a special trait, but not necessary
+ : Possible breeding project

The Mulberry Fusionsaurs

The Mulberry House is - or will be - notable for its fusion Bulbasaurs, Ivysaurs, and Venusaurs. All of them have a grass type and a second type. 
-The types listed below are all possible secondary types for a two-type fusion bulbasaur.
-Types that are crossed out represent a fusionsaur in the ranch.
-Types that are not crossed out mean the ranch still needs a fusionsaur of that type. 

-Poison (regular)
-Dark (unreffed)

Type Wishlists


Leafeon/Delibird (cross)
Deerling (male)
Skiddo (female)
Tropius/Meganium (cross) OR Meganium (flying fusion)


+Sandshrew (grass fusion)
+Trapinch (grass fusion)



Deino (grass fusion, female)
Eevee (rock fusion)


||Pokemon and Items for sale|

None ATM

||Breeding Rules||

Please consult the Pokemon list for Breeding Status!

:bulletgreen: All Breedings with my Pokemon must be agreed upon by both ranch owners. Common manners; I know you all do this anyway!

:bulletgreen: I have no Pokemon I don't intend to breed sometime down the road. Any Pokemon that are not available for breeding right now are only so because they are too low-level. If you want to breed with an unavailable Pokemon, you may request I level them up. 

:bulletgreen: If you initiate the breeding, you send the note. If I initiate the breeding, I will follow your breeding rules.

:bulletgreen: If you send the note, and no items are used, you get first pick of the clutch. 

:bulletgreen: If items are used in the breeding, whomever used the item gets first pick of the clutch.

:bulletgreen: I prefer all clutches with my Pokemon be split evenly, unless one member is looking for a specific Pokemon and doesn't mind giving up some Pokemon from their half. This has to be agreed upon by both ranch owners.

:bulletgreen: If you need to temporarily change the gender of your pokemon, I will contribute one of the gender stones if you contribute the other. If I cannot pay for the gender stone, I will reimburse you ASAP. You can trust me to pay you back if I owe you.



||This Week's Breedings||

Covers ranch breedings for the past week. Any Mulberry House Pokemon pictured here are unable to breed right now.

PKMNAtion | My Curse to Bear by Swissis and <da:thumb id="463314531"/>
PKMNation - Pascal Rose by KayVeeDeeand  PKMNation - Poised Feline by Kaitanium


cymurri tagged me! This seems cute though, so I think I'll go ahead and do this anyway!

Make a post to your DA journal. The post should contain your list of ten holiday wishes. The wishes can be anything at all, from simple and fandom-related ("I'd love a ______ icon that's just for me") to medium ("I wish for _____ on DVD") to really big ("all I want for Christmas is a new car/computer/house/TV."). The important thing is, make sure these wishes are things you really, truly want.
If you wish for real life things (not fics or icons), make sure you include some sort of contact info in your post, whether it's your address or just your email address where Santa (or one of his elves) could get in touch with you.
Also, make sure you post some version of these guidelines in your DA or link to this post so that the holiday joy will spread.
Surf around your friends list (or friends' friends, or just random journals) to see who has posted their list. And now, here's the important part:
If you see a wish you can grant, and it's in your heart to do so, make someone's wish come true. Sometimes someone's trash is another's treasure, and if you have a leather jacket you don't want or a gift certificate you won't use -- do it.
You need not spend money on these wishes unless you want to. The point isn't to put people out, it's to provide everyone a chance to be someone else's holiday elf -- to spread the joy. Gifts can be made anonymously or not -- it's your call.
There are no rules with this project, no guarantees, and no strings attached. Give, and you might receive. and you'll have the joy of knowing you made someone's holiday special.

I wish for..

:bulletred:1. Art of my charas/art of things I like/anything even a silly doodle of dopamine being sad and ironic I swear if you actually draw me that dopamine thing I'd probably marry you

:bulletwhite:2. Nerd jewelry
basically dopamine is my favorite neurotransmitter and I realize how nerdy it is to have a favorite neurotransmitter but w/e I actually don't care how big a nerd I am

:bulletred:3. All of man's knowledge

:bulletwhite:4. If anyone wants to join :iconpokemon-amie: with me this January, but do that thing where we decide our charas are in a relationship before we share them with each other and then we have to make it work no matter what xD because if you do want to do this with me boy do I have a surprise for you I'd actually prefer if only people I feel comfortable talking to offers to do this though, I'm not sure how I feel about plotting with people I don't know too well.

:bulletred:5. The throne of the Queen Bee, and the power to control bees

:bulletwhite:6. Commissions! I'm saving up for a semester abroad and I'm almost done setting up my paypal account~

:bulletred:7. My friends' FCs if I don't have them already! Actually anyone's FCs granted I've talked to you at least a few times

:bulletwhite:8. ???

:bulletred:9. a pet goat

:bulletwhite:10. the Nobel Prize in Biology

Who should I tag... Ah! I know.
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Hello, all you lovely and beautiful people!
I am going to disappear for a while! For one... I left my tablet in my dorm for Thanksgiving break because I misplaced the tablet pen. Believe it or not, that's the first time that's happened! And it sucks. I'm so sorry if I ever said anything that suggested that your stylus-finding endeavors are not truly an agonizing struggle, because they are and I know this now.

I also got my copy of Alpha Sapphire two days ago, and I'm having SO MUCH FUN and the music is exACTLY the SAME BUT bETTER AND NEw?? I actually started crying. Holy crap I'm so happy. This game gives me life. :dummy:
I have a beautiful shiny dream team that I've been battling with! Right now it's only 5/6 of the way done, which is okay because I need a Fly pokemon to fill that sixth slot until my Shelgon evolves. My team's changed quite a bit since the dream team vector I did! Four members are the same! I might have to sub my Armaldo out for a Crustle, since it's the same type and will help fill my type weaknesses better, but shiny Crustle is a million times easier to find since I have a Dwebble FS in Y (and I've hit 1500 eggs and I don't have the time to keep going there. I'll pick that up eventually! I won't let Game Freak win this one). I also subbed out my starter for a shiny Scrafty to fill type holes, but I hate abandoning my starter pokemon, so I'm rearing my dear little Vulcan the Blaziken to become a top-notch contest 'mon!
Also my secret base team is called Team Koalagator and it's full of cool nerds hahaa

In other news, some classmates and I have to work together to write a mock grant proposal, which is the last thing I want to do when my biggest problem is not being properly prepared for my finals. Unfortunately this is the biggest grade in the class I'm doing it for, which means I have to put 110% into it until it's due on Wednesday, and then focus on making sure I know what on Earth the process for making a cDNA library is. I guess I'll just cut out me having a life for a few more weeks. It's not like anyone else I know has a life, so no one would be able to hang out with me anyway xD

But that's really it for me. I won't be here nearly as much. Homework and ORAS and whatnot. 
I hope everything is going wonderfully for you!

Stay classy!
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Hey guys! 
So Millenium-Lint is working on a senior thesis, and could really use some help collecting data! I thought I might write a journal about it to see if any of you guys are interested in helping out. It involves playing a quick game and then filling out a survey, and it didn't take me more than a few minutes to do both.

Millenium-Lint is also doing a 300:points: raffle, and anyone who participates gets their name in! 

Here's the original journal about this thesis- URGENT-Looking for participants (300 point raffle)

Hope you're having a great week guys! Stay warm!
Unless you live in the southern hemisphere I guess... in which case, stay cool?
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I got tagged by Heartchuu! I guess I forgot to charge my no-tagging exam-time cloak. But I guess I don't mind now! It'll be fun.

1) You must post these rules.
2) Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
4) Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.) 
5) Go to their page and inform them that they have been tagged by you.
6) Not something like "You are tagged if you read that".
7) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
8) No tag-backs.
9) You can't say that you don't do tags.
10) You MUST make a journal entry! No comments.

1) I freakin' love science. I'm in one of my college's Natural Science Honors program specifically for people who have varied interests outside of science though!
2) I'm trying to double-major in Neuro and Studio Art. So far... that's... um, well I guess it's kind of a thing?
3) My hand is still technically recovering but I'm drawing a lot anyway now. I stop before I feel any pain!
4) I'm not organized.
5) Talk to me about brains, neurotransmitters, or abnormal psychology and I'll probably never leave you alone again.
6) My favorite Pokemon is Ivysaur and if you follow my fan art blog you know this for a fact.
7) I have a speedpaint channel that I never use anymore.
8) dizzyrin is a serious insurance liability she owes me a bazillion US dollars
9) I used to have really bad social anxiety, but I recently started seeing a doctor and I'm really proud of how much progress I'm making!
10) I don't have much to say about anything anymore except my classes because that is my life now.

Heartchuu's Qs:

1) What is the greatest accomplishment that you have ever had?
    -I made it into my college honors program and honestly that's the best thing I can think of because I'm sad and school has eaten me up inside
2) Who is your favorite artist on DA?
-This is a dangerous question; I have so many! 
3) Who is your favorite Youtube creator?
-l0chnessa! Her speedpaints are gorgeous.
4) Assuming that you play video games, do you prefer games published by Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, or indie developers?
-Nintendo! Obviously~
5) What is your favorite beverage?
-Right now I would like to say anything hot with coffee and chocolate in it somewhere :'D
6) What is your favorite food?
-Gobi Manchurian! I'm totally up for some right now...
7) What is your favorite season?
8) If you could move in with any one person, who would it be?
-I'd rather live alone, to be honest ^^; 
9) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you want to live?
-God anywhere where it isn't so hellishly cold would be great. New Zealand. 
10) Is it day or is it night?
    -super nighttime here.

My Questions:

1. What flower's scent do you most strongly associate with a good memory (and yes I expect you to tell us that memory too~)?
2. Aliens or Unicorns?
3. If you were suddenly turned into your least favorite animal, what would you do?
4. What do people tell you about your personality that you disagree with? If applicable.
5. Why did the chicken cross the road
6. What is your opinion on the current state of the economy of your home country? 
7. If you could run for office, would you? If so, what would you run for?
8. You're in a band! What's it called?
9. What is the most underrated color?
10. How much chocolate is too much?

:icondizzyrin::iconbirdmir::iconfrightfox::iconjubiileigh::iconkitkat624::iconokami-kiera::iconlinlupin: ... um...hahaAHA WELL TIME TO GO TO BED IT'S 1AM AND I HAVE LAB TOMORROW SEEYA FOLKS

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Hey hey ya'll!

So I realized that I never actually advertised this!! 
Now as you probably know or can easily learn just from scanning my gallery... I really draw a lot of Pokemon. So much. It's relaxing and fun for me, plus I love the community I'm in here around Pokemon art! But I'm also thinking of getting a double major in art, and I might do freelance work aside from the neurological research I plan on doing. And while drawing Pokemon is super fun, I thought I needed a place to put all my original art, since I didn't really want to put it here.

So I made a 'serious' art blog at!

I chose this URL because I'm a nerd and monoamine oxidase is an interesting enzyme, even outside the context of antidepressants and inhibitors. At least to me it is xD

Anyway, if you're interested in seeing more of my original work, please consider checking it out! There's not much on it now, but I do intend to upload much more over time. I won't be uploading most of that stuff to dA, but I do reblog all posts to my personal tumblr. I just want a nice little place to serve as an online portfolio of sorts that I can link to if my endeavors in art require me to do so.

Thanks for reading, folks!
Stay classy ;D
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I'm thinking of joining :iconpokemon-amie: the next time it opens up! And I have a few character choices I'm seriously considering... the only problems is I like them all a lot, so I need to relinquish some of the control I have on this decision. Only if you will permit me to, of course!

All the character ideas I have so far!
:bulletblue:-Elgyem- Excessively happy florist, very intelligent but also incredibly naive. Has a tendency to follow the loudest person in the room, and listen to them despite having to periodically correct them.
:bulletyellow:-Galvantula - Sarcastic but fairly successful blogger and Sociology major; studies internet trolls a la wildlife documentarian, and blogs about their observations. Amateur computer repairperson
:bulletred:-Pawniard - A topiary artist who does not understand that humor, sarcasm, and puns are a fact of life and often gets offended by them. Also doesn't understand art. Or the point of topiary.
:bulletblack:-Anorith - Stern but caring fashion designer; is incredibly passionate about the validity of avant-garde and will rant about Philip Glass and the Dadist movement for hours.

Now I won't tell you what my current preferences for design are so I don't bias you. It will have an impact on my decision, but for now I just want to know what you think would be the most interesting character to RP with! 

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It's a cute little high school Pokemongijinka group! Well, kind of. Like these kids aren't really gijinkas, they're regular humans with special powersssss and it's gonna be fun!
There are a couple of old PKMN-Crossing members in it, including me! And as far as I know a lot of us our bringing our characters back as sort of a superpower high school AU! Everyone likes superpower high school AUs, right? Of course I am.
Anywaaaaay please consider checking this out! Even if you weren't in PKMC this group looks adorable and it looks like it's gonna be pretty small and cozy and friendly.
Does this mean.... someone is returning to the stage oohoho

Also! College is crazy and I'm trying to get a double major in studio art ... which seems to be an interesting process. More on that later.

Stay cool, my dear sea cucumbers!!
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I'm so beat, wow. I want to take a nap.
I'm going home for the long weekend since my home is only two bus rides from campus! But I have so much homework already and it's so weird xD not that I don't think I can handle it, of course! Schoolwork was always something I was pretty good at.

I seriously have never been this social in my life and it's the strangest thing because I've gotten... Twelve phone numbers since I came here. But I love UT and I love how active it is and how involved in the world people seem to be! 

The weekend before classes started there was a big block party for freshman, and this girl just came up and asked me for my name. As it turns out, I was best friends with her in elementary school, and this was the first time we'd seen each other face-to-face in seven year! :squee: So much to catch up on :0

My mind is all over the place, but those are the big things that happened xD

Stay cool!
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