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St. Mortiel - Edgar Allworthy by KayVeeDee St. Mortiel - Edgar Allworthy by KayVeeDee

:new: 6-17-2014: Redid the entire app art!
I have a history of making characters I like and then failing to be super active because I couldn't stand how boring their design was. It happened with Beryllium and it happened here with Edgar. But the truth is that I really like my delinquent Banette! So I redesigned her completely. Most of her basic features are the same; her height, weight, skin color and eye color are basically the exact same. But I took some liberties with the 'ragdoll' look, since I figured Edgar was the kind of girl who embraces being rough and damaged. I also made her hair longer, because I have too many characters with short hair and Tanvi's a robot so she doesn't count
But I'm really happy with this redesign, and I look forward to getting more active in this group!


Everyone, meet Pavla's cousin Edgar and one of her least favorite people alive! <3 Trust me, Edgar's actually really sweet. Well, actually, I don't know if I can say that. But once you get past the demeaning nicknames and condescending tone she really is a great girl! :')

The history section used to be short but I didn't like it so I made it like 3 times longer I'd apologize but I'm only good at long histories sorry I guess

"Outta the way, dorks! Future superstar coming through!"

Name: Edelweiss "Edgar" Allworthy

Age/Birthday: 17; October 28th

Gender: Female 

Pokémon: 354 - Banette (shiny)

Ability: Insomnia - prevents falling asleep. Ever. Even outside of battle. Edgar doesn't sleep >:(

Nature/Summary Characteristic: Naive; somewhat vain

Height: 3 feet 2 inches

Weight: 58lbs

Type 1: Ghost

Type 2: N/A

Hometown: Solaceon Town, Sinnoh

Personality: They say Banette are made of pure hatred and absorb energy from vengeful mentions. In Edgar's case, Banette are made of airheadedness and absorb energy from any emotion that isn't pure boredom. Edgar is generally loud and proud; violently adventurous, she loves to get into trouble and proudly displays her conduct record as a badge worthy of the highest of delinquent honors. In spite of this, she's very childish and immature, and doesn't always behave in a way that would befit a young lady, in particular fussing when she doesn't get what she wants or when she is ignored.

Despite her general indifference towards rules, Edgar is not amoral and does have a strong sense of justice and morality - that is, one that angrily protests authority and supports individual expression. But she knows when is an acceptable time for her to act out... Edgar is streetwise but an underachieving student, and only seems to exceed expectations in music and art classes. Despite this, she genuinely attempts to understand her coursework, boring as it may be. Edgar is a talented musician and plays electric bass and piano, and is an openly zealous heavy metal fan. Ironically, she loves classical piano as well.

Edgar is an inherently needy Pokemon, and craves attention, good or bad. She's a devout follower of the philosophy 'there's no such thing as bad publicity'; even then, she's quick to make friendships with those she likes and is very easily hurt when left out. In this note one would think she's such a notorious troublemaker because she's looking for attention, but this isn't actually the case - she just likes getting into trouble. Naive and a bit easy to angry, Edgar is quick to accept challenges, and is even more quick to challenge others. She has a tendency to pout when upset in a manner that makes it rather hard to take her seriously. However, she's secretly something of a coward and will back out the minute things get a little spooky or intimidating. She's very concerned about her friend's safety and will violently protest any suggestion involving putting her loved ones at risk. Edgar gets incredibly flustered when others bring up her name or her tendency to wear men's clothing. She refuses to explain either, since the way she sees it, she needs to explanation. Edgar is not stingy with her friendships, and will happily accept anyone into her circle of friends, so long as they agree never to take her dress shopping. 


The expectation of rich families is often that they are very strict and rule-oriented, and the children all grow up to be humorless, shallow, and conceited. Wolfheim Allworthy and Vassilia Petrovich were not like this at all. In fact, they were so little like this that their parenting posed a whole new set of problems for them and their only daughter.

Wolfheim, a debonair Trevanant with a massive inhertance invested in a large but cozy home, was raised by his progressive parents to be a vigilante; the poor must be looked after and the wrongfully harmed must be avenged. However, unfazed by the harsh realities of the real world, he was always very sensitive to trivial things such as what others thought of him. Vassilia, a knowledgable and witty Banette, came from a wealthy home, but one that taught tolerance and open-mindedness. Having a lengthy correspondence with her many colleagues at the university she taught ceramics in, she was easily moved by the lives of oppression she heard such harrowing tales of. The two met at the university, dated for two years, and were married amid much celebration from both sides of the family. Three years later a little baby girl - a blue shuppet - was born to them.

Edelweiss Allworthy was raised with the gentle hand of parents who were afraid that too many rules would foster a stiff, morose nature. And who could blame the elder ghosts? For all they knew, an oppressive upbringing would be much reason for their daughter to hate them later in life! They absolutely could not risk that! And so Edelweiss was raised with a gentle hand - so gentle there hardly was one. Most rules were lenient; if Edel had a good reason for being up past her bedtime, like if she was studying or helping a friend, she was allowed to stay up. If she was good about exercise that week, she was allowed a few extra Poffins at dinner. If she wanted to go to someone's house, as long as she had finished all her work she was allowed to. Edel was a very happy little girl, and of course she would be. All the rules were negotiable; she got everything she could possibly want. All she had to do was say she wanted something, and it was practically hers.

Years passed and Edel, free from the constraints of household rules, began to see absolute freedom as the norm, so when she got older and moved into grade school, she began to notice that the real world wasn't... well, it wasn't like that. For starters, she was expected to keep her mouth shut unless she was talked to, which wouldn't do for the Shuppet at all. So many times had her elementary school called the Allworthy house to tell Wolfheim and Vassilia that their daughter was being 'distracting', 'disruptive', and - at worst - 'insolent and rude'. But when they confronted Edel about these things, she always had such good excuses; "Miss Greene wouldn't let me play soccer with the boys during recess," or "The Headmaster got upset because I asked too many questions about why we don't study more modern music." 
Wolfheim and Vassilia hit a dillemma. While these things all seemed too trivial to matter in the grand scheme of things, Edel wasn't exactly being destructive. If anything, these were the kinds of fights true activists picked! Horribly confused about the way they should approach Edel's newfound defiance, Wolfheim and Vassilia decided to let these smaller fights slide and only intervene if someone was at risk of getting hurt. They were going to be as open-minded as they could as parents.

One day, when Edel was 11, she came home and announced that she would henceforth ask others to call her "Edgar." When asked why, she said it was because the teachers at her school didn't let her play 'boy games' once they found out that she was a girl, and that if she had a boy name no one who didn't need to know would find out. This sudden change didn't startle Wolfheim and Vassilia much - all they saw was their daughter making a strong sociopolitical statement. But if they had become good at one thing all these years, it was overjustifying. Which for a decent amount of time, blinded them to the beginnings of what would be a serious problem.

Edgar eventually caught the attention of a ragtag group of counterculture-devoted, self-proclaimed revolutionary Banette who called themselves 'The Marionettes' (aptly named given how they were all just puppets of society, after all) - Intrigued by Edgar's open defiance of traditional gender norms, they admitted her into their circle, and the friendship started out very safe - during her lunch block, during which she could leave campus, she went to eat with them and enjoyed talking to them about their own missions against oppression. Now, an experienced outsider would have probably realized that the Marionettes' causes were a bit questionable given most of them came from well-off families with relatively stable family lives and no dark secrets related to any kind of activism, but poor, naive Edgar, who always got everything she wanted and never realized that the real world wasn't always as simple, absorbed their tales like a blanket. And every day she would go home and dream about all sorts of injustice and how she could put an end to it.

Edgar started spending more and more time with The Marionettes, getting by her already-lenient parents by saying she was going to study with friends... which wasn't exactly a lie. The Marionettes would bring Edgar with them to rallies and meetings focused on change and activism, and technically she did learn a good deal (albeit these rallies were held by similarly average-condition pokemon claiming the causes that were the most pertinent according to the news). But they also took her out as a friend, letting her play in their band and taking her to parks and concerts. But in a few months their agenda seemed to have changed; the rallies got more exclusive and hostile, and the individual members began to share rather disturbing stories of their excessive reactions to lesser injustices. And they were determined to drag Edgar along with them, by telling her that they were going to throw paint bombs all over the construction site of a soon-to-be country club just north of Solaceon and that she should come if she was serious about the wealth gap in society. Disturbed by the increasingly cult-like Marionettes but also scared of the consequences if ditching them, she complied.

At 7:34pm on Friday night, the local sheriff brought a sobbing, 15-year-old Edgar Allworthy to her parents with a warning; apparently the naive young ghost was so shaken by merely being associated with something so extreme as vandalism of community property that she refrained from throwing any paint bombs herself, and was the first one to agree to go home once the police arrived. Many of the other Marionettes were arrested and asked to pay heavy fines (which a good deal of them could afford somehow). Wolfheim and Vassilia were aghast - never did they expect their daughter would possibly do something so crass! But in the following days, the problem became clear to them. It was their parenting. How could a girl who got everything she wanted be trusted with knowing how the real world works? How could they not predict that Edgar was involved in what was basically a cult? They couldn't talk to her about their change in direction because, let's face it. Kids don't pick how their parents treat them. But they knew they couldn't be this lenient from now on.

At this time, Wolfheim and Vassilia decided that they had to impose more rules on Edgar. They took away most of her electronic devices during the week and set aside specific times to work and play, and created a well-scheduled atmosphere that would make any parent proud. But Edgar, not privy to their change in plans, misinterpreted their actions - clearly they were treating her like this because they thought she was a criminal. And she went along with it for several months before finally, the new, uncomfortable way of life got to her. She confronted her parents with a bitter smile and an question; "You guys hate me, don't you?"

Of course they didn't, but it took a very long time to convince Edgar that their new rules weren't a punishment but rather a correction. Edgar grudgingly accepted the explanation and agreed to share her part of the story. The Marionettes kicked her out but still hung around her school, so she didn't eat lunch off campus anymore. Unfortunately they were still the only friends she had, so she was basically alone in a school that had already grown used to her being socially separate from the student body. When finished, she sneered. "You might as well send me off to Kalos or something. I have as many friends there as I do here."

Wolfheim and Vassilia were profoundly disturbed by Edgar's social seclusion. She grew increasingly despondent every time they asked her how her day at school was. It only seemed liked the obvious choice that they find a new school for her - one structured, but friendly enough. But mostly structured, to make up for their own lacklustre parenting. They began to ask around for any nearby academies that could accept their daughter Thankfully, they did hear of an Institution (something along the lines of 'Mortiel') that was fairly close by - right here in Sinnoh, even - that seemed to be what they were looking for. Fearing that Solaceon boarding schools would stifle Edgar's otherwise independent spirit, they were intrigued by what this academy had to offer, and confronted their daughter about the idea. As expected, her first answer was a violent 'no'. But after months of bringing it up, it became clear to Edgar that there was little chance of them shutting up about it on their own.

So she filled out an application, and waited, not sure if she really wanted them to accept her or not. Whatever happens would be it, though. No point in complaining if she has no choice...

Level: 42

TMs/HMs, Egg Moves, Tutor Move:

:iconghosttypeplz: -Phantom Force (egg move)

School Schedule: 
Grade: 4th level

-Environmental Science
-French IV
-Literature and Composition II
-Music and World Cultures
-PE/Health IV
-Introduction to Business
--Religious Studies (mandatory)
--Battle (mandatory)

Extra Curricular Activities:

• Soccer Team - Soccer was her favorite sport as a little girl, mostly because she had to sneak into practices at her old school to circumvent the 'boys only' rule. But somehow she ended up genuinely liking it.
• LBGT Association - She knows that this new school doesn't judge her for her unorthodox gender identity, but she doesn't understand it much herself, and you can always use a safe space.

Extras/Fun Facts:

-Edgar's parents call her Edel for her given name, and she responds to them without an issue. However she doesn't feel like she fits with the name 'Edelweiss' and always introduces herself as Edgar. May be an important development later?

-Since she's basically a doll, Edgar often sews little patches and accessories onto herself, and it doesn't hurt her (it kind of feels like plucking your eyebrows, I guess). She always keeps a sewing kit with her in case she tears, which, frankly, isn't an uncommon occurrence. However, like a mortal Pokemon, her tears will heal over time, after which she will remove the stitches and dispose of them. 

-Edgar considers The Marionettes too... 'extreme' for her tastes. But she would never admit that; she'll probably write them off as reckless and unsophisticated (which they were, to be fair) instead of admit that she's terrified of actual confrontation with most kinds of conflict. But when she talks about them, she likes to act as if she was the leader of the gang.

-She tends to be a little wary of other Banette at first. Same for Shuppet.

-After much deliberation I've decided to make Edgar's clothing style inherently boyish, but not in a way that is supposed to hide or deny any kind of femininity. Edgar is proud of being a woman, and no matter what she wears, she's still a woman. 

-The only places of her body that cannot be stitched up on her own are her eyes and her mouth. If anything happens to them they cannot heal themselves like the rest of her can. 

:new: -Speaking of which! What happened to her left eye? You'll see. I'm working on a few comics about it so we'll see if I manage to finish it.

-Edgar likes to pretend she's a rock star, and has four or five working stage names for the hopefully-soon day she becomes famous. 

-Edgar knows as much about her sexuality as an average 12-year-old would know about theirs.

-I know about her sexuality though! She's bisexual, but seems to like girls a bit more.

-Edgar is extremely fond of talking with others who struggle with gender identity, as they help her feel a little less out of place where she is in life.

-Edgar's mother Vassilia is Irene Petrovich's and Pyotr Petrovich's younger sister, making Edgar, Pavla Petrovich, And Tiffany Petrovich first cousins.

- Pavla hates her. Probably because Edgar is basically a whiny baby who thinks being loud and obnoxious is all activism is about.

Pokemon and Banette belong to Nintendo.

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Edgar says thank you! ^^
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I reallly like her. c:  So she goes by a boy name, but still uses female pronouns?
KayVeeDee Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks so much! ^^ I don't rp around with her a lot, but I still like how she came out~
Yep! She's pretty adamant about it too; she's very proud of being a lady~
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KayVeeDee Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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I just needed to make her more fun to draw. But I feel better about her already, so hopefully I'll get more involved!
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lol say, how you doing with SAI?  I think I will do Akil's app using it to test it.
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