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November 11, 2013
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PKMN-Armonia - Pavla Petrovich by KayVeeDee PKMN-Armonia - Pavla Petrovich by KayVeeDee
So I'm trying to un-italicize the text and I MADE IT AS FAR AS I COULD THIS IS FRUSTRATING
Aahhh no matter. Guess what!

Feel free to send me a note if you want to rp! I'm slower than a slakoth when it comes to replying, but I promise I haven't forgotten you <3 Pavla would love to make some new friends~ 


"I think we'll get along just fine! As long as you're not racist."

Bullet; PurpleName Pavla Petrovich

Bullet; Purple
Age 12 13

Bullet; Purple
Gender Female

Bullet; PurplePokémon  Phantump

Bullet; PurpleBirthday January 3rd

Bullet; PurpleHeight 1 ft. 9 in. 

Bullet; PurpleWeight 17 lbs.

Bullet; PurpleNature: Adamant - Pavla is hard to argue with because she just doesn't give up. Even if someone acknowledges that she might have a point, in no way is that good enough for her; they need to agree with her. Somewhere deep down she knows that not everyone will see things the way she does... at least, we hope that's the case.

Bullet; PurpleAbility Natural Cure - The Pokemon heals all status conditions upon switching out of battle.

Bullet; PurpleHometown Laverre City, Kalos

Bullet; PurplePersonality Pavla considers herself an activist in most regards. Unused to injustice, Pavla has taken such a life mission of erasing all unfair bias in society to such a great degree that she will violently protest any kind of percieved injustice, even if it doesn't directly influence her. The high standard she holds behavior to has led her to become somewhat critical of others, and she's driven off many a friend by pointing out that what they say might be rude, not laughing at their jokes, and reacting violently to indications that others might have serious prejudices. That said, Pavla is easy to get along with if you share her opinion that the world needs more kindness, and she's incredibly loyal. She always roots for the underdog. However, being young, Pavla doesn't often realize that people aren't always how they make themselves out to be, and she's not quick to question the motives of someone who seems nice and open-minded. Despite her general altruism and her tendency to be a bit bossy, Pavla will score an occasional good-natured prank every now and then. Pavla is very interested about other societies, and she dreams of someday travelling the world and learning about other cultures. 

Bullet; PurpleHistory 
Several years ago, in Kalos's mystical Laverre City, there was a wedding. 

The families of Irene Petrovich, a Banette, and Maria Malcom, a Misdreavus, had blessed the two young women to a happy and comfortable life together. Irene was a careful librarian, who spent much of her time reading books about art and history, and Maria taught elementary school math. They loved their lives and loved each other, but found after a few years that something was missing from their little family. So on January 3rd, on a snowy night, Irene and Maria adopted a baby Phantump girl. 

They named the girl Pavla, and raised her with as much love as a family could shower on a child. From an early age, Pavla knew that her family was different from most of the families in the neighborhood. Her classmates at her private school (attended by mostly ghosts and dark types) would often ask her what having two mothers was like, and she would quickly reply that it was probably no different from having a mother and a father, to which most of the kids would shrug and continue with their affairs. Pavla believed that her family's differences made them all the more wonderful, and she came to quickly accept the belief that different was alright.

As Pavla grew older, she began to realize that people's differences fascinated her. She would often visit Irene, whom she called Mama (she called Maria 'Mom'), at the library after school, where she hid in the history section and read until Irene found her and chided her for not finishing her homework instead. At school, she would ask others about their families, where they were from, what languages they could speak, what kinds of food they ate, and other similar questions. A few of her classmates were intimidated by these questions, but most of them happily shared with her, and the info she got struck her as the most interesting thing in the world. Everyone was different! Everyone was super different and it was absolutely amazing. It seemed impossible to Pavla that anyone could hate others of being different.

That was, until one day when Pavla had just gotten out of fourth standard. Her class was going on a field trip to the Lumiose Art Museum, and the young ghost was thrilled about the idea. But as her class assembled around the front of the building, she heard voices nearby. "Mom, look! There are tons of kids here!" and "Stay away from them, sweetie! Look at them, they're probably all dangerous. You don't want to be friends with them." 

Pavla was confused and hurt by the lady's remarks. When she returned home she aksed Irene and Maria why the lady didn't want her son to play with them, and the two older ghosts hesitantly told her; Many Pokemon were afraid of folks like them. Many of them saw ghost and dark type Pokemon and tied them to horrible myths of soul-stealing, life-draining, bad-luck-bringing monsters, and that scared them. But instead of accepting this sad perspective, Pavla grew angry. There was no logical reason for them to be so biased! They didn't know her personally, so how could they judge? Sure there were some mean ghost types around, but there were mean Pokemon of every type, right? 

As Pavla grew older and spent more time travelling with her parents, she became attuned to all sorts of injustice. Some Pokemon disliked all poor Pokemon; others disliked all rich Pokemon. There were several who even gave her, Irene, and Maria weird looks. Eventually the little Phantump could take it no longer; she saw a young Zangoose bullying a Minun in the streets one day for being wheelchair bound, and she pushed the Zangoose over so hard that he actually hurt his leg. The Zangoose's mother was livid, and called on Irene and Maria to inform them of what their daughter had done. Unable to determine the reason for Pavla's sudden agression, they grounded her for two months while they discussed what should be done.

Eventually a decision was reached. Pavla would be sent to boarding school. Irene and Maria were worried about this decision, but their daughter had to be exposed to the real world. Her school in Laverre City presented an idealized picture of the way the world really was, and she had to learn that sometimes, life was hard and there were better ways of reacting to it than physically hurting offenders. What choice did Pavla have but to accept? She didn't want to go, not at all! She didn't want to leave her mothers and spend her life living at school. Who does that? But Maria and Irene seemed so dsitraught by her behavior, and she did feel kinda bad about hurting that kid (not bad enough to argue that he didn't have it coming though). So she grudgingly looked over the brochure Irene and Maria brought here about some Armonia Institute, and thought that if she had to change schools, she might as well use the chance to learn more about the world.

So Pavla filled out the application, simultaneously excited and worried. The world was full of injustice, and Pavla Petrovich was going to tackle it head-on if it killed her.

Bullet; PurpleSummary characteristic Likes to Fight (likes to argue would be more like it though)

Bullet; PurpleHobbies: 
-Reading (especially about history or art)
-Drawing, mostly geometric patterns
-Shopping (for clothes especially; let's face it. Clothes are cute.)
-Socializing/meeting others

Bullet; PurpleMoveset 
:iconfiretypeplz: Will-O-Wisp 
:iconpoisontypeplz: Toxic 
:iconghosttypeplz: Shadow Ball 
:icongrasstypeplz: Grass Knot

Bullet; PurpleFavorite berry flavor Spicy

Bullet; PurpleHouse: Amity

Bullet; PurpleSchool Schedule: TBA

Bullet; PurpleExtras/Fun Facts 
-Pavla wants to become a cultural anthropologist. Well, kind of. She doesn't really know that she wants to become an 'anthropologist', per se, but she knows that she wants to do all the things that anthropologists do.
-Pavla can take a hit, but she can't really deal one. Her battle strategy is mostly 'Status, attack, survive hits, attack, keep surviving, wait until the opponent faints of Status damage'.
-Normal Types are friends, not food. And by food we mean scare fodder. I mean, they're that too. But only on holidays.
-Pavla really loves pale pink, fancy clothing. She dresses up regularly.
-Pavla has never met a classy man or boy before. All the guys she's hung out with are her age, and honestly, we all know how 12 year olds are, no matter what gender they are.
-So Pavla Petrovich is loosely based on this dream I had while taking a nap where they made a ton of new Pixar movies and one of them was about a house of robot servants making their house a home for other robot servants after their masters die. The main character's name was Pavla and she always criticized the rest of the robots for saying mean things about humans, and I guess that image amused me so when I woke up she turned into a Pokemon.
:new: -Pavla's Russian is getting better. 
-Maria is Gentle and is highly curious. She grew up in a big, middle-class family with three older siblings, and was babied for a good deal of her life. She's very considerate, but also very protective over her loved ones, and tends to get into squabbles she can't actually win.
- Irene is Rash and likes to eat. She was raised in a rich family with her younger sister Vassilia and her older brother Pyotr, and somehow took to extreme sports in her mid-20s. She doesn't bother with daredevil behavior much now, but only to be a good role model.

-Irene is also super protective of Pavla and intends to write to her weekly if Pavla makes it into Armonia. 
-Pavla's mom Irene is Vassilia Petrovich's sister, making Pavla and Edgar Allworthy first cousins.
-Edgar hates her. Probably because Pavla's basically a snobbish little snoot who thinks that having class makes someone superior.
-Pavla is not afriad of fire. In fact, she's quite interested in it, and has gotten burned on numerous occasions. 
-Pavla doesn't know when to give up an argument. She actually enjoys arguing quite a bit without realizing that it can put others off. 
-Her favorite berries are Cheri berries, and her favorite food is Cheri berry scones. 
-Her favorite band is a group called Arcanine Fire that may or may not be similar to a popular band in our universe??

Pokemon and Phantump belong to nintendo.
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AutumnPalette Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014
Zane: "Happy birthday ghost tree girl!" o/

btw she is adorable, do you mind if I draw her? XD

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Of course! No need to ask~ I'm just happy you think she's worth drawing ^^
AutumnPalette Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014
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Joltimeon Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I didn't comment on this sooner?? What am I coming to can you even-
Ahmagash Pavla is so cute! :squee: Plush she's a Phantump... And an Amity girl.. And that gets her extra points :XD:

KayVeeDee Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
shhh no it's okay I am a Slowbro on the Internet on a regular basis it's all good
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XD YES AMITY :iconknightplz:
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Haha no problem!~ Maybe her and Audrey could meet sometime! I wonder how that would turn out..

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KayVeeDee Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
aahaha yeah xD but life, right? What to do

Ooh, they should! It would be fun I still need to get a feel for Pavla's personality but I bet she likes to talk a lot so hopefully Audrey's cool with that xD

Joltimeon Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
exactly! life.. is the mother of all slowpokes.

That would be very cool!~ :dummy: well since Pavla's a kid Audrey should be fine with that >3< ..should be
Lichtdrache Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Congrats, I'm so glad that Pavla was accepted! I'm looking forward to see more of her, she is such a cute character :)
KayVeeDee Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
^^ thanks so much! And sorry it took mess long to reply. School and things.
I look forward to drawing her! I'm glad to see Amber in the group too! I need to draw them together sometime~
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