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Kay || Texas, USA || Neuroscience student || they/them

Howdy folks! I'm Kay. I draw a lot of fanart and girls in cute outfits. I have a lot of work to do right now so this is all you're getting from me in the meantime. When I come back from my internship maybe I'll elaborate. OKAY HAVE FUN BE SAFE


Beryllium's Heart Chart p2 by KayVeeDee
Beryllium's Heart Chart p2
A continuation!


Page 1

Bullet; Black Unfamiliarity - Berry does not know you, or she is frightened by you. Either way, she behaves the same. Stuttering and deferential.
Bullet; Blue Acquainted - Berry can recognize you in a crowd.
Bullet; Green Friendly - Berry seems to enjoy your company. Perhaps she would sacrifice her alone time to be with you!
Bullet; Red Compassion - Berry truly, deeply cares about you. She considers you one of her closes friends.
Bullet; Pink Adoration - Berry clearly already cares about you... is that a sense of longing in the way she smiles at you?

:new: commentary

VerdantCreature's Myles "Lets"
"I like this man. He seems good, and wholesome and honest. I have faith that he can take good care of Strawberry. I feel silly admitting that this is what concerns me most about him, but I was worried he wouldn't be a good boyfriend to her. After all... We have the same friends. And I know things about him he probably wouldn't care to admit to her. Not that I would admit that to her either... She knows the basics of how we operate in our friend group. She would break if she knew more."

IcyReflections's Rhyona (no longer in group)
"My dear friend! I wish I had time to speak with her before she left. Before she changed totems. I wish I could say I'm free of resent, and I am trying hard to crush whatever ugliness arises in me when I think about it. How she got what she wanted, how she so easily was given what I... Never mind. Rhyona is much too sweet to allocate blame onto her. I love her dearly. I wish I was a better person though, because she doesn't deserve the ugliness I feel when I think about how she changed into what she always knew she was. Envy really is the grossest of the vices."

flooded-sky's Tai
"Tai is... Complicated. I mean, she isn't complicated herself... But our relationship is. I don't have anything in common with her on the surface. I don't think I would consider Tai someone I would have befriended in school. But we do have a connection that I think transcends our differences. No one else on the islands really knows what it's like... I appreciate that Tai does."

PCChamp053's Ava
"I don't know much about her compared to what I know about her sister. She seems really sweet, and a lot more like me than Tai... But I feel weird trying to connect with both of them. I almost sense some unrest between her and her sister, and I think it's about the wings. But it's not my place to bring that up... I do like Ava. I think we could be really good friends."

FairMacbeth's Linkoln (no longer in group)
"Oh gods. He thinks I'm crazy. Holy Yveltal. I'm not crazy, you know that right?"

IcyReflections's Taffeta
"I dread to admit my dislike for this towering woman - after all, who is she to me but a sullen stranger? An advocate for silence? Perhaps she has more right than I do to consider herself a solitary creature, one that thrives off silence. But I can't say that I like her very much. It isn't an intense dislike that colors my perception of her, or fuels any animosity. I simply don't really care to see her again, and would be quite fine if I don't."

Goaterz's Surry
"Strawberry tells me about Surry sometimes, with adoration. I can see that such a kind person would foster kind words regarding them. But aside from her friendliness and excellence at handling Ashby, I can't really say I know much about her. She seems sweet. Sweet like candy. I wish she didn't tell Ashby that she runs a candy store... Ashby's been bugging me and her mom for weeks about going!"

Characters belong to respective owners.
Pokemon and the pokemon pictured here belong to Nintendo.
Art vs. Artist by KayVeeDee
Art vs. Artist
Ayyyy it's my face

Unless you follow my tumblr you might not have seen this stuff, but I thought I would post this anyways! Because I like this meme.
I haven't drawn anything I'm happy with in weeks
PTS - Buddies by KayVeeDee
PTS - Buddies
Speedpaint to celebrate the end of the semester!!
Click to access time-lapse video


long story short I am very tired and now I have to clean my room for move-out so no doubt I will be more tired later. I am going to play video games until I fall asleep. Solid plan. 

Pokemon, Oddish, Cubone, Heracross, and Roggenrola belong to Nintendo.

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Simple vector
m y hAND by KayVeeDee
Lyssie the Ivysaur! by KayVeeDee
Untitled by
Any character alone, with no background. Shading will be minimal, but the piece will be in full color.
Headshots will tend to be more detailed

Commission Info (slots available!)
Complex vector
Untitled by
Untitled by
Untitled by
Any character with a background. Shading will be more complicated, and background simplicity or complexity will vary based on foreground elements.

Commission Info (slots available!)
Simple painting
Happy Birthday, Very Pink Lady! by KayVeeDee
Angry Friends by KayVeeDee
Spencer Saint-Claire by KayVeeDee
Full-body characters without backgrounds or with simple backgrounds, torso-up characters with simple backgrounds

Commission Info (slots available!)
Complex painting
Just a couple of all-time favorites by KayVeeDee
The Mines - Serpent Attack! by KayVeeDee
Suspenders Scraggy by KayVeeDee
Larger detailed pictures, with complex backgrounds.

Commission Info (slots available!)



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omw your stuff is so amazing! ;-; thank you very very much for the watch! <3 
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AHHH thank you!! And of course, I adore your style~ 
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UR ART IS VERY BEAUTIFUL!!! thank you for the watch!!!
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Hi, pups! Remember you're pretty cool, like one of those iced coffees they sell in grocery stores, but not the kind with a bazillion grams of sugar, because those are gross. You're like one of the good ones that are sweet but not so sweet they give cavities.
So basically you're a good iced coffee. :heart:
KayVeeDee Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm actually having a pretty awful few days, so this is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
i'm having a life crisis that is completely justified for once... it's not fun
birdmir Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2016  Student General Artist
Mmm, those are never fun.  Well, you know I'm thinking of you and want you to take care of yourself, okay?
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*grins at you from my little corner of Sudri* Hey guess what
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