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What is this, Windows 96?
I am going to enjoy this moment because lord knows when I'll be able to draw again without fear of accidental self-injury


I like pixels! I like animation! I like animation a little more than pixels. But I wanted to try both out, and I feel pretty good about this one! I'm glad too. It's a good note to leave off on until the doctors give me the okay to draw more. 
Ironically drawing hurts my wrist less than taking class/book notes because I zoom in and I don't have to be so precise. I'm comfortable drawing. Unfortunately, one of these things is a priority, and it isn't the one I want.

The text is 'How very interesting!!' in a mix of all 3 Wingdings fonts. For the first time ever I managed to find a purpose for those silly scripts.

Pokemon and Elgyem belong to Nintendo.
Greetings, Earthlings! by KayVeeDee
Greetings, Earthlings!


A silly little picture I drew a while ago in anticipation for the January group opening! I was really hoping I'd get in... and I kind of drew a ton based on the prediction that I would, hehe. I was blindly optimistic about my odds, not gonna lie.

Anyway! Greetings from your new neighbor, Fari the alien! This is my favorite picture of her so far trust me, there are a lot xD because it's pretty on-point with her personality. Plus the moon and stars and SPACE, oh goodness... I'm going to be drawing so many pictures with space backgrounds, it's going to be amazing and fun and by the end of 2015 I will be a master at drawing the night sky, I promise you all that!

All silliness aside, I'm very excited to be in the group~ :la: If anyone wants to RP with Fari or just chat or something, please let me know!! I'm very busy, but I'd love to make new friends!

Pokemon and Elgyem belong to Nintendo


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Just 'Kay' is fine
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
:iconrequestsclosed: :icontradesclosed: :iconcollabsclosed:

Everything is closed! I'm always busy.

My tumblr:
My art blog:

Checklist (God knows I need one)

:bulletred: Stop drawing, do your homework
:bulletred: Atomic Tangerine ref sheet
:bulletred: Delilah Dreadful ref sheet
:bulletred: All the other unnamed mon's ref sheets
:bulletyellow: New Venice map
:bulletyellow: Try not to panic

Kay the Koalagator || They/Their or She/Her|| 18 || Ace || Hindu || Mostly bacteria probably|| USA

Hello everyone! (at least everyone who happens to read this) ;)
Welcome to the Lair! You can call me Kay. I'm here because I want to feast on your brains love art and have a lot of Pokemon art that I know I won't be judged for online, hahaa. And yes, there is a 50% chance that my real age the age on my profile don't match up, but explaining it would require a lot of time and a brief explanation of the school district I went to kindergarten in.

I am of south Indian heritage and I'm very proud of it, so while I don't do as many traditional fine art forms as I used to as a child, I would love to talk about my culture with you! I'm a neuroscience student, but my first love is art! I'm a Pokemon fan artist for the most part, but lately I've been redesigning the way I approach my art, so some changes in the material I post might be under way. This is virtually a group account. Non fanart sometimes goes up here, but I bet 96% of my gallery is Pokemon. I do many serious original works on my own time, but they're all huge or experimental. No kidding, I prefer watercolors over all and my scanner is only so big, so...
Basically this is not the place for you if you don't like Pokemon, haha xD

I am a big fan of all sorts of 2D media! I am primarily a watercolor artist and do quite a bit digital art as well (the concentration of each in a given span of time is variable), but I love to explore mediums and will experiment with whatever I can get my hands on. I tend to like traditional styles of different cultures and mixing organic and geometric shapes in composition.

Aside from my artwork, I also like to write short stories, write songs, play piano and guitar, and play video games in my spare time. Most of my non-fan-art work (which sadly you may rarely see; I promise it's decent) is inspired by either history, mythology/religion, nature, science, fashion, or other cultures, all of which fascinate me. I also tend to be a bit on-and-off on dA. I often have sporadic multiple-artwork-uploads and then days or weeks on end of nothing, very often reflective of what I am feeling on a given day. I apologize in advance for any weirdness in my uploading schedule, because I can almost promise it'll happen although I flatter myself by thinking anyone actually cares and/or reads this far in things like this
Feel free to say hi! I don't bite <3

Thanks for visiting! Enjoy your visit to Kay's gallery :clap: Try not to be eaten, okay? Okay.

:bulletred:The rp groups I mod~:bulletred:

:bulletred:The rp groups I'm in~:bulletred:
:iconlilycove-high: Josephine the Monferno
:iconborealisregion: Rochelle Mocha
:iconpkmn-armonia: Pavla the Phantump and Tanvi the Metagross
:iconstmortiel: Edgar the Banette
:iconharvest-pokemoon: - Beryllium the Mandibuzz

:bulletred:Other groups I'm active in:bulletred:

:bulletred:The Magical Lamps:bulletred:

:bulletred:People I know irl:bulletred:

:bulletred:Some pretty cool folks (in no particular order):bulletred:

:bulletred:Inspirations (this is a working list <3):bulletred:

The Mulberry House



Hidden in the depths of Fortree City's famous forest is a large Lum berry tree, riddled with treehouses of all sizes on it's length. In any other circumstance the place would be interesting at best, but this network of treehouses is more than it seems. It's actually a Pokemon Ranch!

Welcome to the Mulberry House! A place for all sorts of natural Pokemon to group and thrive. Resilient ground types, sturdy rock types, and nurturing grass types all may call the Mulberry House their home. Feel free to visit, meet the Pokemon, and make yourself comfy in a ranch dedicated to celebrating the natural world around us!


~The Ranch~

Acres: 30
Pokemon: 20/30
Pokemon Pending Ownership: 1




:bulletred: Closed for Breeding
:bulletyellow: Needs Cooldown
:bulletgreen: Open for Breeding
PKMNation - Pascal Rose by KayVeeDeePascal Rose - Venusaur (fairy fusion) || :bulletyellow:

PKMNation - Jasper Bell by KayVeeDeeJasper Bell - Phantump (shiny) || :bulletgreen:

 PKMNation - Sketch Solomon by KayVeeDeeSketch Solomon - Nincada || :bulletgreen:
PKMNation - Raj Pururavas by KayVeeDeeRaj Pururavas - Baltoy || :bulletred:
PKMNation - Sigmund Evergreen  by KayVeeDeeSigmund Evergreen - Cubchoo (grass fusion) || :bulletred:
PKMNation - Atomic Tangerine by KayVeeDeeAtomic Tangerine - Chikorita (shiny) || :bulletred: 
PKMNation - Pink Persimmon by KayVeeDeePink Persimmon - Ralts (fusion) || :bulletred:


:bulletred: Closed for Breeding
:bulletyellow: Needs Cooldown
:bulletgreen: Open for Breeding
PKMNation - Millicent May by KayVeeDeeMillincent May - Ivysaur || :bulletyellow: 
PKMNation - Laverna Grimm by KayVeeDee Laverna Grimm - Tyrunt || :bulletgreen: 
PKMNation - Ginger Tea by KayVeeDeeGinger Tea - Xatu/Nuzleaf || :bulletyellow: 
PKMNation - Tabetha Blank by KayVeeDeeTabetha Blank - Gourgeist/Skiploom (NEEDS UPDATED APP) || :bulletred:
PKMNation - Blake Buzzard by KayVeeDeeBlake Buzzard - Tyrunt/Archen || :bulletgreen:
PKMNation - Sophie Q by KayVeeDeeSophie Q - Aron (bug fusion) || :bulletred:
PKMNation - Penelope Neptune by KayVeeDeePenelope Neptune - Shinx/Mudkup (shiny) || :bulletred:
PKMNation - Coco Mori by KayVeeDeeCoco Mori - Rotom (ground fusion) || :bulletred:
PKMNation - Lilith Lotte by KayVeeDeeLilith Lotte - Bulbasaur (rock fusion) || :bulletred:
PKMNation - Delilah Dreadful by KayVeeDeeDelilah Dreadful - Phantump/Drilbur || :bulletred:
PKMNation - Clara Plastt by KayVeeDeeClara Plastt - Solosis (fusion) || :bulletred:


~Pending Pokemon~

-Pokemon needing refs that are in my Inventory, or have been paid for and are awaiting receipts/input into my Inventory.
-If you are interested in breeding with one of them someday, I will prioritize getting their app done and leveling them up. In the case of multiple requests, they will be prioritized in the order they were received.


Pumpkaboo (rock fusion)
Bulbasaur (dark fusion)
Ralts (grass fusion)
Shroomish (fighting-flying fusion)


Solosis (grass fusion)


~Pokemon Wishlist~

* : or anything in it's family
~: May have a special trait, but not necessary
+ : Possible breeding project

The Mulberry Fusionsaurs

The Mulberry House is - or will be - notable for its fusion Bulbasaurs, Ivysaurs, and Venusaurs. All of them have a grass type and a second type. 
-The types listed below are all possible secondary types for a two-type fusion bulbasaur.
-Types that are crossed out represent a fusionsaur in the ranch.
-Types that are not crossed out mean the ranch still needs a fusionsaur of that type. 

-Poison (regular)
-Dark (unreffed)

Type Wishlists


Leafeon/Delibird (cross)
Deerling (male)
Skiddo (female)
Tropius/Meganium (cross) OR Meganium (flying fusion)


+Sandshrew (grass fusion)
+Trapinch (grass fusion)



Deino (grass fusion, female)
Eevee (rock fusion)


||Pokemon and Items for sale|

None ATM

||Breeding Rules||

Please consult the Pokemon list for Breeding Status!

:bulletgreen: All Breedings with my Pokemon must be agreed upon by both ranch owners. Common manners; I know you all do this anyway!

:bulletgreen: I have no Pokemon I don't intend to breed sometime down the road. Any Pokemon that are not available for breeding right now are only so because they are too low-level. If you want to breed with an unavailable Pokemon, you may request I level them up. 

:bulletgreen: If you initiate the breeding, you send the note. If I initiate the breeding, I will follow your breeding rules.

:bulletgreen: If you send the note, and no items are used, you get first pick of the clutch. 

:bulletgreen: If items are used in the breeding, whomever used the item gets first pick of the clutch.

:bulletgreen: I prefer all clutches with my Pokemon be split evenly, unless one member is looking for a specific Pokemon and doesn't mind giving up some Pokemon from their half. This has to be agreed upon by both ranch owners.

:bulletgreen: If you need to temporarily change the gender of your pokemon, I will contribute one of the gender stones if you contribute the other. If I cannot pay for the gender stone, I will reimburse you ASAP. You can trust me to pay you back if I owe you.



||This Week's Breedings||

Covers ranch breedings for the past week. Any Mulberry House Pokemon pictured here are unable to breed right now.

PKMNAtion | My Curse to Bear by SwissArmySpork and PKMNation - Ginger Tea by KayVeeDee
PKMNation - Pascal Rose by KayVeeDeeand PKMNation - Poised Feline by Kaitanium

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PizzaPotatoNBacon Featured By Owner 14 hours ago  Student General Artist
Hey, stopping by to say you have such pretty art! :iconmermaid-plz:
dizzyrin Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
*breathes in*
Kay it is of vital importance to the future and prosperity of ALL MANKIND that you answer this question with full honesty and integrity;
How do you personally pronounce 'Pecan'?
KayVeeDee Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
This is an odd question, but okay!
I pronounce it peh-CAHN. Sometimes if I say it quickly the 'e' turns into the sound the 'I' makes in 'bird', but that's overthinking it on my part.
Keep in mind, my pronunciation is influenced by my parents' accents so I don't really sound like a archetypal Texan. One time in accidentally said 'res-PIRa-Tory' in AP Bio and no one knew what I was saying hahaa

Pea-can is also acceptable here, that's just not how I say it. XD
Why do you ask? :0
dizzyrin Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I was talking to my friend yesterday and I realised I didn't know which pronunciation was American and which was Australian OTL :XD:
This is interesting! And I'm still not completely sure how I pronounce Pecan because I mess up pronunciations of words purposefully and ironically a lot (it's fun you should try it!) and now I'm not sure who I am. NAW I'M KIDDING but really I think I 'Pea-can' but sometimes I 'Puh-CAHN' and stuff pfft
Wait, how do you usually pronounce respiratory? 'res-PIRa-tree' is what I say, haha
KayVeeDee Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
To be honest, even I'm not sure! But there you go, two different accepted American pronunciations! I'm not sure which is more common where but hopefully that helps ^^
Intentially mispronouncing 'Pecan?' And unusual thing to do, but I like unusual! Plus it sounds like fun. All the possibilities yeeee
I say RES-pra-tory with that i sound in there, but it's really really short. What i said was a weird hybrid of the two D:
Kaitanium Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
that icon... I want one~
KayVeeDee Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahhh thank you so much!! I'm trying my hand out at pixelling some so I can certainly try to animate a pixel of one of your ranch Pokemon! But I don't know how it'll turn out... I draw a lot of Bulbasaur family so I guess this was easier than expected ^^;;
Kaitanium Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh i wouldn't want to bother you. but you could try # 1 - PKMNation - FinnelyxGenesis clutch - ON HOLD

Though I have to say, I hope we can breed with Pascal! I need a fairy bulbasaur in my life.
KayVeeDee Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Sure thing! I'll try it out when I have time.
And of course! I actually just got him to Lv100 and reffed all but one of my pokemon in limbo, so if you'd like me to send a note soon I won't mind that! I'm actually hoping to build on my fusionsaur army, haha xD Who would you like to breed him with?
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