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Simple vector
m y hAND by KayVeeDee
Lyssie the Ivysaur! by KayVeeDee
Ginger Tea, Xatuleaf by KayVeeDee
Any character alone, with no background. Shading will be minimal, but the piece will be in full color.
Headshots will tend to be more detailed

Commission Info (slots available!)
Complex vector
In Desperate Need of Sunlight by KayVeeDee
Austin the Emboar by KayVeeDee
Alouetta the Chandelure by KayVeeDee
Any character with a background. Shading will be more complicated, and background simplicity or complexity will vary based on foreground elements.

Commission Info (slots available!)
Simple painting
Happy Birthday, Very Pink Lady! by KayVeeDee
Angry Friends by KayVeeDee
Spencer Saint-Claire by KayVeeDee
Full-body characters without backgrounds or with simple backgrounds, torso-up characters with simple backgrounds

Commission Info (slots available!)
Complex painting
Just a couple of all-time favorites by KayVeeDee
The Mines - Serpent Attack! by KayVeeDee
Suspenders Scraggy by KayVeeDee
Larger detailed pictures, with complex backgrounds.

Commission Info (slots available!)



Cactus Crew! by KayVeeDee
Cactus Crew!
If  you're under the weather, or feeling blue
Just pick up the phone - you know what to do!
We're pointy and spiky, but still super cute-
The Cactus Actor Acting Troupe!


I'm tired more on this later
Spencer's cacti Danny the cacnea and Pear the maractus are actors. They are also cute i am tired goodnight

Pokemon, Cacnea, and Maractus belongs to Nintendo.
:new:Given recent circumstances, I've decided to reopen Point Commissions! I don't have any paypal commissions quite yet - when I do I'll be advertising at primarily, since that is where the bulk of my audience sees my art! I'll keep doing point commissions, however~

~ R U L E S ~

:bulletblue: I won't draw mature themes or character designs. This includes gore; extreme, non-cartoonish violence; explicit sexual themes; and pieces related to drugs or alcohol. This is a PG-13 account, and I'd like to keep it as such. 

:bulletblue: Please pay using the Commission Widget! I need the points to transfer out and I can't do that if you send me the points directly. If you pay for a piece by sending me points directly, I will send them back and ask that you pay using the widget.

:bulletblue: I am a full-time student who complains about lab a lot. I only have time for 5 commissions at a time. Whenever I finish one, I will update this journal saying slots are available!

:bulletblue: I am best at drawing character-based pieces; no landscapes or nature studies or anything like that please! If you are unsure about what I feel comfortable accepting payment for, please ask! I don't want to give you poor work if you're paying me.

:bulletblue: Your characters don't have to be Pokemon-related! Original characters as well as characters from games, shows, etc are welcome (But keep in mind that I'm much, much better at drawing Pokemon :'D).

:bulletblue: If you are requesting art of an original character, please provide me references! I don't have time to look for one I think would help me the most. If you have a particular outfit you have in mind, please link me to a reference for that too! I would like to credit any online stores that you reference, so if applicable, please provide me the item page as well~

:bulletpink: If you want to commission me, please comment on this journal or send me a note with the subject 'COMMISSION REQUEST'.

:bulletpink: Once you confirm your intent to commission me, I will show you a very rough sketch based on what we work out. If you have a problem with the sketch, I can redo it at no cost extra. If you approve of the sketch, I will ask for your payment and I will finish the commission. If you decide you don't want to commission me at any point before payment, please just let me know and I'll remove you from the list. No sweat!

:bulletpink: Since I don't really get the Commissions widget. If you want a picture with multiple characters (the max is 4 total), tell me how many you want and I will make an appropriate 'extra character' commission for you (the price will vary depending on the style). This will only account for the points the extra characters cost. You would pay the base and the extra once you approve the sketch, and once I get confirmation that you've paid the total amount, I'll finish your commission.

:bulletpink: If you commission me for a piece, you can use it wherever you want for non-profit purposes, as long as you credit me. Please let me know if you want to use your piece somewhere outside of dA!

~ A V A I L A B L E S L O T S ~


P R I C E S ~

:bulletred: Simple vector 
Any character alone, with no background. Shading will be minimal, but the piece will be in full color.
Headshots will tend to be more detailed

m y hAND by KayVeeDeeGinger Tea, Xatuleaf by KayVeeDeeLyssie the Ivysaur! by KayVeeDeeComm. for SubstituteInstitute by KayVeeDee

:bulletred: Complex vector 
Any character with a background. Shading will be more complicated, and background simplicity or complexity will vary based on foreground elements.

+200:points: per character

Austin the Emboar by KayVeeDeeAlouetta the Chandelure by KayVeeDeeIn Desperate Need of Sunlight by KayVeeDee

:bulletred: Simple painting :bulletred:
Full-body characters without backgrounds or with simple backgrounds, torso-up characters with simple backgrounds
+250:points: per character, max 3 

Happy Birthday, Very Pink Lady! by KayVeeDeeComm. for KindieRoops - Gemini by KayVeeDee Angry Friends by KayVeeDeeOcean Gem by KayVeeDee

:bulletred: Complex painting :bulletred:
Larger detailed pictures, with complex backgrounds.
+300:points: per character, max 3

The Mines - Serpent Attack! by KayVeeDeeJust a couple of all-time favorites by KayVeeDeeSuspenders Scraggy by KayVeeDeeGloe Vera by KayVeeDee

  • Mood: Distracted
  • Listening to: Aimee Mann. Everything by her
  • Reading: laugh s just took an exam nope
  • Watching: Steven Universe
  • Eating: dal and rice
  • Drinking: grapefruit juice
All I wanna do, is see you turn into... by KayVeeDee
All I wanna do, is see you turn into...
A Giant Woman!
(a Giant Woman)

All I wanna be, is someone who gets to see
Enough free time to draw more Giant Woman.

Oh I know that it'd be great and I just can't wait

old pic of Opal, just uploading now ;v;
Steven Universe show and characters belong to Rebecca Sugar.
Kirby Universe!! by KayVeeDee
Kirby Universe!!
For TommyGK's charity collab! Go check it out HERE.

Not much to say for this one. I loved the idea of crossover Kirby drawings, and I think the idea of Kirby art for charity is really cute! Also I'm Gem Trash.

Kirby belongs to Nintendo.
Steven Universe character and show belongs to Rebecca Sugar.


KayVeeDee's Profile Picture
Just 'Kay' is fine
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
:iconrequestsclosed: :iconcommissionsopen: :iconcollabsclosed:

Everything is closed! I'm always busy.

My tumblr:
My art blog:

Checklist (God knows I need one)

:bulletred: Stop drawing, do your homework
:bulletred: All the other unnamed mon's ref sheets
:bulletyellow: New Venice map
:bulletyellow: Try not to panic

Krithika/Kay || They/Their || 18 || Ace || Hindu || queer nostalgia trash || USA

Hello everyone! (at least everyone who happens to read this) ;)
Welcome to the Lair! You can call me Kay. I'm here because I want to feast on your brains love art and have a lot of Pokemon art that I know I won't be judged for online, hahaa. And yes, there is a 50% chance that my real age the age on my profile don't match up, but explaining it would require a lot of time and a brief explanation of the school district I went to kindergarten in.

I am of south Indian heritage and I'm very proud of it, so while I don't do as many traditional fine art forms as I used to as a child, I would love to talk about my culture with you! I'm a neuroscience student, but my first love is art! I'm a Pokemon fan artist for the most part, but lately I've been redesigning the way I approach my art, so some changes in the material I post might be under way. This is virtually a group account. Non fanart sometimes goes up here, but I bet 96% of my gallery is Pokemon. I do many serious original works on my own time, but they're all huge or experimental. No kidding, I prefer watercolors over all and my scanner is only so big, so...
Basically this is not the place for you if you don't like Pokemon, haha xD

I am a big fan of all sorts of 2D media! I am primarily a watercolor artist and do quite a bit digital art as well (the concentration of each in a given span of time is variable), but I love to explore mediums and will experiment with whatever I can get my hands on. I tend to like traditional styles of different cultures and mixing organic and geometric shapes in composition.

Aside from my artwork, I also like to write short stories, write songs, play piano and guitar, and play video games in my spare time. Most of my non-fan-art work (which sadly you may rarely see; I promise it's decent) is inspired by either history, mythology/religion, nature, science, fashion, or other cultures, all of which fascinate me. I also tend to be a bit on-and-off on dA. I often have sporadic multiple-artwork-uploads and then days or weeks on end of nothing, very often reflective of what I am feeling on a given day. I apologize in advance for any weirdness in my uploading schedule, because I can almost promise it'll happen although I flatter myself by thinking anyone actually cares and/or reads this far in things like this
Feel free to say hi! I don't bite <3

Thanks for visiting! Enjoy your visit to Kay's gallery :clap: Try not to be eaten, okay? Okay.

Stamp 002 Ivysaur by DevilsCryptLet's Do Science by ririnyanGenderqueer Stamp by sunbirdsLove Koalas by sxhi

:bulletred:The rp groups I mod~:bulletred:

:bulletred:The rp groups I'm in~:bulletred:
:iconlilycove-high: Josephine the Monferno
:iconpkmnskies: Tina the Tepig
:iconborealisregion: Rochelle Mocha
:iconpkmn-armonia: Pavla the Phantump and Tanvi the Metagross
:iconstmortiel: Edgar the Banette
:iconharvest-pokemoon: - Beryllium the Mandibuzz and Spencer the Ivysaur

:bulletred:Other groups I'm active in:bulletred:

:bulletred:The Magical Lamps:bulletred:

:bulletred:People I know irl:bulletred:

:bulletred:Some pretty cool folks (in no particular order):bulletred:

:bulletred:Inspirations (this is a working list <3):bulletred:

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TommyGK Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2015  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
omfg your pokemen ;; <333
dizzyrin Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist


My phone was on flash for the first one but you know I can't do better quality *shrugs*
Also there's just like... A single blade of grass in the front of it? I don't even know how it got there because I hadn't opened the bottle since I made it pretty much. Straaaange.
The bottle is really dirty inside oh gosh. I promise it looks slightly better up close, haha!
birdmir Featured By Owner Edited Sep 18, 2015  Student General Artist…

fill this out as all your characters. do it for the good of mankind.

edit: lookit

Lucky - Pikachu
Jam - Ivysaur (mad laughter at this one)
Lucy - Onix 
JJJ - Charizard?????
KayVeeDee Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Beryllium: ONIX
Spencer:eevee lol
Tina: ...Charizard.
birdmir Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2015  Student General Artist
You know what you have to do now? Draw them as these Pokemon. Good luck with Onix (but tangential, that's a cool Pokemon I don't get to see a lot.)

And J and Tina are...Charizards? How. I mean, Tina I see, but J???? Mystery.

pikapikapika Pikachu is the cutest. I want a real life Pikachu, no joke.
ZEPEII Featured By Owner Edited Sep 9, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
kay how was ur summer omg
KayVeeDee Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
ICY HI -flops on Icy-
omg it's been so long! My summer's admittedly been... not good xD But i'm back in college, so much better now!
How are you??
ZEPEII Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
aaa im sorry to hear i hope your year is better tbrh
birdmir Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2015  Student General Artist
//throws object at ur head
KayVeeDee Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
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